Why Cork


  • Cork is 100% non-toxic and hygienic, the antimicrobial material kills the bacteria after your practice and prevents odour.
  • Our cork is eco-friendly as the material is gathered from regenerative Oak bark and is free of PVC and other harmful materials making it 100% recyclable.
  • SAYO mats ensure that you can focus on your practice as the cork material grips you harder the more you sweat, and the rubber anti-slip base keeps the mat glued to the floor.
  • We have made sure our mats are designed for hours of yoga with the soft bubble structure of our cork that is smooth to the touch and friendly to your skin.




All you need to do...

Thanks to the natural antimicrobial & antibacterial qualities of cork, keeping your mat clean is a lot easier than other yoga mats. Cork doesn't absorb sweat or water instead it actually wicks away and dries surprisingly quick, a swift wipe after practice is all you need.